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Engagement rings: 7 lovely ways to get to “YES!”

Well, there is no need to explain why engagement rings are the talk of the week, is there?                         When Angelina flashed her impressive, somewhat Metropolis inspired, diamond ring … Continue reading

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Jewelry box or financial portfolio? The case for buying fine jewelry.

Did you ever think of your jewelry as part of your financial portfolio? Chances are you haven’t. After all, jewelry is color, design, style, fun. It is part of the fashion department, not the boring finance department. Well, think again. … Continue reading

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Oscars 2012: Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Hu make fashion history

The WOW Every year there is a surprise at the Oscars, fashion wise. After all, all the red carpet ritual is meant exactly for that purpose and dozens of stylists and other professionals busy themselves for months trying to make … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Beautiful Brooch: Tiffany brings back vintage Jean Schlumberger design

Elizabeth Taylor’s Beautiful Brooch: Now Back at Tiffany’s : Whats Right Now. “I want to capture the irregularities of the universe. I observe nature and find verve.” Jean Schlumberger So good that Tiffany & Co is reediting his work! … Continue reading

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Diamonds are forever

So the song says and I totally buy it. Don’t you? Diamonds today have an allure that goes well beyond their intrinsic qualities. Historically they were symbols of wealth and power. Today they embody the romance and love we all … Continue reading

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