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The ring collector’s ultimate Christmas wishlist

Christmas jewelry gift list #1 Christmas is approaching, with all the lights, the trees, the colors (and food…) I love. This is one of my absolutely favorite times of the year! The jewelry industry also loves this season, given it easily … Continue reading

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On jewelry, hotels, pain poilâne and other stuff

Hello again! Miss me? I took a little trip to my favorite city of all: London. Here’s a brief account, for your amusement. Hotels The first challenge when traveling to London – or any other European capital, for that matter … Continue reading

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Jewelry pet peeves

Setting: kitchen, a bit of a mess, the family just had breakfast. Me: sitting in a chair, legs up in the other chair, reading a magazine. Idea: pet peeves! Today I feel like ranting about what I don’t like so … Continue reading

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Sifen Chang speaks Portuguese!

The discovery I “read” Vogue China. Yes, I do. Just like with Asterix comic books when I was five: I look really hard at the pictures and imagine the whole story. That’s why, when flying from Shanghai to Beijing, I could … Continue reading

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Victoire, Dior, Victoire, Dior, Victoire… “I die”!

What happens when a jewelry junkie dies and goes to heaven? She sees these: Dior goes Frida Kahlo and I go totally numb. Check it out at Garance Doré, the lucky photographer.

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My life … told in Elsa Peretti

Today I decided to share a bit of me. Don’t ask me when I got the jewelry bug, I can’t remember that far back. However, I do recall a few other things and, somehow, Elsa Peretti has kept me company … Continue reading

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Added to wish list: “Dior Joaillerie”, Rizzoli

Always nuts about books, I am soooo eager to get this one: Just added it to my amazon shopping basket, hoping Santa will notice … Ok, too far. Maybe Mother’s Day? Any day?

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