The blog

The “Sílvia Taveira” blog is a travel guide to the current jewelry world. Its goal is to help women buying and wearing jewelry, to build a coherent wardrobe and improve their personal style.

It is personal in the sense that jewelry is my passion and that the blog follows my own adventures through knowledge and the industry. And I will certainly be adding my views and tips, as well as my own designs!

It covers particular pieces, metals and gems, designers, brands, new trends and even books. But, in the end, it will come down to how to buy a piece of jewelry and how to wear it, making sure that you are making good investments and, last but not the least, you are having fun in the process!

It will be informative & it will be fun. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

Sílvia Taveira

I am a Lisbon based professional who recently decided to put her many years experience as a business leader to good use in the alluring world of jewelry.

As a designer:

After many years of studying the jewelry market as a customer and a management professional, today I am working as a creative director and jewelry designer for my own brand – Mysty by Sílvia Taveira.

I also create bespoke pieces, which I love to do: creating a piece of personal history for someone else is, after all, the ultimate privilege!

My background as the daughter of an artist has opened my eyes to the beauty of color and the importance of good design. My mother’s love for literature and music rubbed on me, big time. And being Portuguese turned me into an addict to sunlight and the sea.

As a consultant:

I studied in Portugal and in the United States of America. I lived in Lisbon, Chicago, Paris and Brussels. I have worked in many more places and in four different languages and I have travelled for fun too. All this has opened my eyes to many different cultures and markets, not only influencing my own creations, of course, but also broadening my knowledge of the worldwide luxury market, its major trends, players and kew success factors.

Creating and growing a jewelry brand today is simultaneously easy and extremely difficult.

How can I help:

1. From strategy and positioning to defining and budgeting daily sales tactics, my experience in business leadership and market knowledge can contribute to building an effective organization that will boost your sales and profitability.

2. A broad international network of contacts and diverse language skills make your international expansion a much easier goal.

3. Connecting the power of e-marketing and social networks to your business objectives, helping you create and implement a content rich action plan in a way that makes sense, builds you brand and grows your business profitably.

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