Carolina Bucci: have to have!

Some days are like this. You wake up, turn on the computer, start browsing and, suddenly, you are hooked – obsession!

Today, somehow, I just have to have these Carolina Bucci Twister bracelets. To complicate matters, it really has to be the full set, naughty stylists @ net-a-porter

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, bracelets, personal style

Trying to reason with myself… not working… will I get some mileage out of them or will it just be a one-day-only relationship?

Let’s try out.

For work:

Oh, yes, lovely! Just pair them with my classic steel and rose gold watch to give it some attitude, a signature ring and simple white pearl studs. Pearl earrings are the key to looking instantly brighter and younger on a rainy morning.

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, work style

For weekends:

My weekend attire always involves jeans and, most of the times, flats.

These bracelets will dress down beautifully with a funky watch – my casual take on what I call “Virgoish” punctuality (read obsessive…) – and silver hoops.

Silvia Taveira, Toy watch, Shaun Leane

Not feeling like big earrings? Out with the hoops, in with a great pendant!

Toy Watch, Tiffany, Elsa Peretti, Tiffany

Evening out

Ok, what about the evening? Sure they don’t stretch that far, do they?

Well, I guess they do. I will split up the siblings and take only one bracelet, the black one, with a darkened white gold cocktail ring and long sparkly earrings. After all, a lady should never wear a watch at night…

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, Bochic, Annouska


These bracelets are a must!

Where is my card? 😉

Credits are due:
Look 1:
Watch: Rolex Datejust.
Ring: Ileana Makri Snake Nest.
Look 2 (a & b):
Watch: Toy Watch Vintage Chrono.
Earrings: Shaun Leane textured sterling silver hoops, at Astley Clarke.
Pendant: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, large open bottle pendant.
Look 3:
Ring and earrings: Bochic, at Annoushka.

About silviataveira

Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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