Jewelry pet peeves

Setting: kitchen, a bit of a mess, the family just had breakfast.

Me: sitting in a chair, legs up in the other chair, reading a magazine.

Idea: pet peeves!

Today I feel like ranting about what I don’t like so much in jewelry and the way people wear it.

You already know how much of a nut I am about jewelry. I am. I just love the way it can be the cherry on the cake of personal style. Which it can, believe me. The perfect combination can elevate the simplest Mango polo neck to the heights of Chanel attire.

On the other hand, the clumsy wear of poorly chosen pieces can do the exact opposite – basically make you look like you’re clueless and, worse, style less.

So, here they go, my very own jewelry related personal “hates”:

  1. Multiple Love bracelets (yes, the Cartier ones)
  2. Obviously pierced ears without earrings
  3. Diamonds at the beach
  4. Yellow gold watch with white gold jewelry
  5. Same brand head to toe
  6. Hey designers, this one is for you: prongs that ruin your knits just by mere approximation.

Not one to shy from a good discussion, I elaborate:

Multiple Love bracelets:

Silvia Taveira, Jewlery, cartier love braceletThis is one of the jewelry world myths: being offered the true expression of long-lasting, non removable, love. I like the bracelet, I totally buy the story and I loved being offered one (without asking, I must stress!). But this is NOT a piece of jewelry that lives well in multiples. For one, it is EXTREMELLY difficult to make them look good on the wrist. The oval is enemy to the rounder parts of the arm so either you strangle the poor arm of you buy different sizes, getting to a very clumsy look. Second, the whole story about enduring love falls apart, becoming a tale of pretentiousness that has no charm whatsoever.

So, girls looking to put together the ultimate arm party, look elsewhere for your next purchase.

Pierced ears, no earrings

Just like an empty square in town, it just looks sad and lonely. It looks like you forgot.

Silvia Taveira, jewelry, diamond studsIf you have obviously pierced ears and you don’t care about earrings, just look for something really discreet, like the smallest diamond (a la Carrie Bradshaw) or the smallest and thinnest hoop (channeling the young model in you) and forget they are there. The earrings, even the smallest ones, will add light to your face – always a good thing – and the permanence element will actually add personality to your look.

Diamonds at the beach

I believe in dressing to the occasion. I don’t take high heels to the mountain, I don’t wear jeans to a wedding – unless that is the actual dress code, but it never was – and I don’t take diamonds to the beach. Period.

Yellow gold in moderation looks very good, friendship bracelets can be loaded (if you don’t care about the tanning stripes), a touch of color is also nice. Diamonds look, again, like you need to prove something. And you don’t.

Yellow gold watch with white gold jewelry

This is totally personal. I just think it kills the white gold sophistication.

I prefer white on white, a classic; black and white, rock & roll; rose and white, modern romantic. Yellow and white, it just doesn’t work for me.

Head to toe branding

Just like with clothes, when someone is wearing the same designer or brand head to toe, it looks like one of two choices: either there is no imagination to pull together a great look or there is sponsoring going on. I don’t care for any of it.

What I really like is the combination of key pieces with some mysterious add-ons that result in a very personal look that screams style, personality and a bit of personal history. Not a window display.

Prongs and other destroyers

This one is quite straight forward.

For many years I stayed away from jewelry with stones because of the prongs, specifically. Today, jewelry design evolved. There are amazing stones set without visible prongs and there are prongs so well designed and polished that they just leave your clothing alone. But there are still a few distractions, however.

Silvia Taveira, jewelry, sweet alhambra, van cleef & arpelsFor example: I hate that my cute Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet gets stuck in every single material that gets close to it, making it totally impossible (read: very expensive) to wear except for high summer. And even so…

Ok, I have opened my heart enough.

Now it’s time for you to tell me, what are YOUR jewelry pet peeves?

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Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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