Mysty by Silvia Taveira

Silvia Taveira, Mysty, jewelry, Africa, brand, logo

My interest in jewelry goes well beyond the observation of other people’s work. At some point, it came to me as obvious that I had to design my own jewelry. I guess too many ideas were accumulating…

Today, the making of a jewelry piece is one of the most rewarding activities my day-to-day life can harbour: letting the inspiration invade the brain, drawing the different alternatives, choosing the precious metal and stones and, finally, meeting the final product … exhilarating!

As I am not a bench jeweller, I work with great professionals that play a key role in bringing my vision to life. I cherish the brainstorming sessions that precede the production of a particular piece.

Today I decided to share one of my latest creations. This line was inspired by a continent that I visited briefly but that played such a key role in my country’s history that I feel I know very well: Africa.

Africa is a mystifying place, with its diversity of nations, landscapes, cultures and people. There, we feel connected to the land, to nature. Every sense is magnified. And, well … so is bug size 🙂

Yours truly, the ultimate city rat, spent a bit of time in Mozambique and felt compeled to honor that country and people by creating around the symbols, materials and colors that invade the visitor from minute one.

Silvia Taveira, Mysty, Jewelry, Maputo, Mozambique

The result is simply called Africa. A collection of unique pieces that gather my view of tissue patterns, color and tribal symbols, combining local materials with precious metal and stones. It is a humble but heartfelt tribute.

Please, read “Mysty“. I hope you like it!

About silviataveira

Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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