Sifen Chang speaks Portuguese!

The discovery

I “read” Vogue China. Yes, I do. Just like with Asterix comic books when I was five: I look really hard at the pictures and imagine the whole story.

That’s why, when flying from Shanghai to Beijing, I could not resist the last Vogue China “Jewellery and watches”, looking at me from the stand. It was mine!

As the plane took off, the process began… looking really hard at the pictures and hoping for some English in the text.

Sifen Chang necklace, tahitian pearls

At some point, a page popped: the most exquisite pearl necklace, organic, delicate and so sophisticated. Who did this?? A couple of names came though my head as I searched for the blessed English phrases amidst the Mandarin.

Mmmm, Sifen Chang ?! No bells. Never heard.

One or two days later, killing some time at the hotel, I decided to investigate that name – what was it, again? – Sifen Chang. I googled it, while picturing a man.

Sifen Chang, photo

I was up for surprises, dear readers. Sifen is not only a lady but a Portuguese speaking one too, having spent a good part of her life in Brazil. What else did I need to empathize immediately with this designer? Nothing really…

Career path

According to her website, her career path is impressive. Sifen Chang was born in Taiwan but moved to Brazil with her family, where she grew up and started her professional life as a geology specialist. She decided, however, to go on studying gemology and jewelry design, in GIA’s California campus, and then moved back to Taiwan to work in the jewelry industry.  She opened her studio in 1997 and started creating custom made pieces for private clients. Soon, one of her designs was spotted by Sotheby’s Taiwan head and by 1999 her first creations were being auctioned in Sotheby’s HongKong.

Statement jewelry art pieces

The first thing that strikes me when looking at the pictures of some of Sifen Chang’s auctioned pieces is their light.

Sifen Chang ring, white gold, diamonds

Second, I notice the color – always present but never “in your face”.

Sifen Chang jewelry, ring, brooch

Third, there is the extraordinary ability to make the most of the stones’ natural shape to build beautiful organic yet delicate forms.

Sifen Chang jadeite brooch, white gold, diamonds

Last but not the least, they are wearable jewels.

Sifen chang jadeite earrings, white gold, diamonds

Indeed, for the most discerning collectors only.


Next time I’m in Shanghai, I’ll definitely do my best to meet this exquisite creator!

Meanwhile, make sure YOU take a look at Sifen Chang’s website and let me know what you think.

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Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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