Engagement rings: 7 lovely ways to get to “YES!”

Well, there is no need to explain why engagement rings are the talk of the week, is there?

Angelina Jolie engagement ring













When Angelina flashed her impressive, somewhat Metropolis inspired, diamond ring it became clear that no one is immune to tradition… and romance, I would add.

The use of rings or bands as symbols of engagement and marriage goes back to Ancient Egypt. However, the type of ring used and its precise meaning varied from culture to culture and across time. The engagement ring only became standard practice in the Western world by the end of the 19th century. The diamond ring took place as the common engagement ring quite recently, during the 1930s, courtesy of very smart marketing by companies we all know so well, like Tiffany & Co and DeBeers.

Being the eternal romantic and quite attached to my own symbols, I totally buy into this tradition. I think engagement, marriage, a child’s birth, wedding anniversary – all these moments can and should be celebrated with the appropriate piece of jewelry.

Man can be cooler about these things than women. My advice: don’t!

No good will come from letting that special moment slip away and life is just too short not to be celebrated. So, put your heart into it and get the woman of your dreams something she will cherish forever.

Or just keep on reading and take one of my suggestions. Depending on mood, my favorite engagement rings oscillate from the most classic to the most alternative. However, diamonds are always present, because their beauty is timeless and so should be commitment and love.

Most inspired rings, solitaire style:

Engagement rings, Tiffany, Solange, Chaumet, Cathy Waterman

  1. Offering” by Solange Azagury-Partridge, yellow gold and rose cut diamond solitaire.
  2. The classic Tiffany solitaire, platinum and brilliant cut diamond.
  3. Chaumet’s Tiara ring, white gold and diamonds.
  4. Vintage looking, “Love of my Life” diamond solitaire by Cathy Waterman

Not happy?

Alternative approach: never a solitaire person, you want something different. Not to worry, here are 3 ideas that you can take literally or as inspiration.

engagement rings

5. Perpetuate the happy answer with Dior’s Oui white gold and diamond ring.

6. All women love flowers. For this special occasion choose the durable kind: white gold and diamond Camellia ring, by guess who… Chanel of course!

7. Avery necklace by Jennifer Zeuner: custom build your own “his and hers” initial pendant necklace, together with heart – always the best to show love – and diamond bar. Last but not the least, the most alternative of all is not a ring but it will do wonders in making your love feel really special.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Email me, I will be glad to give you more suggestions.

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Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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