Lust for deadly jewelry?

I like cinema. Always have. A few of my best memories are related to movies. Sometimes a particular movie helps me dating a particular memory: “Oh, that was when I saw The Bodyguard*, so it must have been 1993″. Or something. However, not all recuerdos are this peaceful and joyful… there are a few films that have scared me way beyond my limits. Luckily not too many. I remember three of them: Poltergeist (thank God for 24h TV programming), The Shining and Seven. The latter was my surrender – I no longer attempt to stomach more than I am able to.

So, when I spotted The Jewelry Editor ‘s news about Stephen Webster‘s latest silver pendants – The Seven Deadly Sins – I was split between my appreciation for his work and my (totally rational!) fear that Kevin Spacey would come after me and do the nice things he did to Gwyneth Paltrow… Even now I get goose bumps.

Want to know how I got over it? I went back to the ring series, launched in 2010, and LUST took over! I should say I am PROUD of my self control overcoming the above described nervousness with the help of a pack of cookies – no GLUTTONY here. Attacked by SLOTH, I will end my conversation now, with a link to a complete review of the seriously inspired ring collection, with pictures and everything, here.

How about you, eager to sin?

* Here is my humble tribute to Whitney Houston. I am thankful for such lovely moments listening to her beautiful voice!

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Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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