Drawing Jewels for … me!

Books about jewelry are perfect. They gather two of my favorite past-times: jewelry and books!

I buy lots of books and many of them are related to jewelry. One of these days I will let you see my library, but today all I want is to talk about one of my absolute favorites. It is recent, I think I got it before it was even publicized by the author – Amazon.co.uk, you rock.

It is Drawing Jewels for Fashion, by Carol Woolton.

Have you met Carol?

Carol Woolton is British Vogue’s jewelry editor and I had already noticed her writing before getting acquainted with her books. One particular article about the allure of earrings – Carol is a fellow “earrings person” – dug a significant hole in my wallet this past fall and Christmas (it actually carried on after Christmas, to be honest; you see, I went to London and there are very inspired British designers).

She wrote a first book called Fashion for Jewels, that I decided to order. While doing so, I noticed another title, mixing my two favorite things – books and jewels – with my third: drawing. A little bit of temptation, you see. I tried to choose but in the end I had to have both, and I did. It was the most entertaining Halloween ever. I even wrote Carol thanking her for such an enjoyable reading.

Drawing Jewels for Fashion opens jewelry designers’ sketchbooks, sharing their inspirations, thought process and overall aesthetics with the reader. Organized by inspiration theme, it takes us by hand around the World, one creative mind after the other. There are some you may already know but there are also a few precious discoveries to be made.

After this book you realize, if you hadn’t before, that jewelry is an art form and we are living a very inspired period.

About silviataveira

Business woman and entrepreneur. Healthy food evangelist. Also loves books, jazz music, jewelry design and life in general.
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3 Responses to Drawing Jewels for … me!

  1. LY says:

    Interesting book links. I haven’t seen any of these before. Personally, I like to make jewelry, read about jewelry, wear jewelry and admire other people’s jewelry! Thanks for the post.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you share this interest in jewelry. About these books, what is innovative is that Carol brings about the link between jewelry and fashion, in a very inspired way.

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