The party lover’s perfect Christmas gift

Christmas jewelry gift list #2

Christmas is coming and with it the wonderful opportunity to give a loved one the perfect gift.

Today we will be looking at the best choices of jewelry for

party lovers

Not that these jewels would not be perfect for any woman. It’s just that they are so glamorous they deserve to be seen often!

Party dressing calls for a statement in what concerns jewelry. Larger, shinier pieces are perfectly appropriate and contribute to the overall style and mood of the wearer.

The main point here is to focus on one single piece that is special and will make a difference. When wearing a large piece of jewelry, one should avoid the Christmas tree look by limiting to one or two pieces at a time.

My favorite approach to party jewelry usually involves a cocktail ring plus one of the following:

– a special bracelet or cuff – the fashionable look.

– an amazing pair of earrings – the classic look.

Suggestions come at different price points, because amazing looks don’t have to break the bank, although many of them could… 😉

fashionable party look

A cuff is a tricky piece to choose – easily too tough or too casual, it can make but also break a chic look. Fortunately, not all cuffs go the Goth way and I can point out a few that make the perfect evening look.

My favorites come from Monica Vinader, who has been revisiting the cuff for a few years now and very recently launched a very handsome one as part of the Lace Collection (1). Delicate, punctuated by colored stones, it just cries “take me dancing, right now!”.

I would choose a large but simple ring to go with it, emphasizing the hand and wrist – why not the Siren cocktail ring (2) also by Monica Vinader? Coordinated but not matchy-matchy, they look perfect together but can be worn alone for a simpler event.

Tiffany, Peretti, Cuff

Another great cuff choice is Elsa Peretti‘s Bone cuff – choose the yellow gold one to be worn by itself.

classic party look

Pomellato has a broad range of jewelry collections but my absolute favorite – and party appropriate – is the Tango collection.

Earrings, ring

The Tango key look is a diamond pavé on darkened white and pink gold. Diamonds are either brown or white, or even a combination of the two, according to the different designs.

Numbers 3 and 4 show the best, absolutely foolproof, choices to achieve the classic winter party look: white diamond pavé link earrings and matching cocktail ring. Together with a little black dress – or, this season, a little burgundy dress  – these jewels will make any woman the queen of the party.

where to buy

Monica Vinader can be purchased online at the brand’s website or at different multi-brand e-stores such as,,, etc…

Pomellato also has an e-store, I just discovered! However, the Tango collection is not available directly. You would have to go to a Pomellato point of sale – browse their online boutique searcher to locate the one that is closest to you.

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The ring collector’s ultimate Christmas wishlist

Christmas jewelry gift list #1

Christmas is approaching, with all the lights, the trees, the colors (and food…) I love. This is one of my absolutely favorite times of the year!

The jewelry industry also loves this season, given it easily represents more than 50% of yearly revenues. It is jewelry season par excellence and here I am doing my bit to make sure it goes well!

So, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for Sílvia’s ultimate guide to buying the right piece of jewelry this Christmas.

You know, it’s not all altruism here… I secretly hope this will be read by someone who is too busy to think gifts over properly or to source “that thing you have been talking about these past few months?!”

Anyway, I love researching the jewelry market and thinking where and how to wear the pieces that catch my attention, as well as who would really appreciate them.

Today, I am thinking about …

the ring collector

Rings are one of the best-selling forms of jewelry not only due to their romantic symbolism but also because they are many women’s favorite. I have a few friends that will wear the same pair of earrings for years but indulge their love for jewelry in the form of a well curated and stylish ring collection.

After all, hands are also a vehicle of self-expression, part of the way we communicate with others. The choice of rings we wear conveys a message about who we are and what we stand for, as much as about the occasion and mood.

Rings, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Annoushka, H. Stern, Monica Vinader, Finn

Here is an eclectic selection that aims at covering most of the moments of wear as well as personal tastes.

1. Hot lips, by Solange Azagury-Partridge

The Hot Lips ring is an iconic piece by a contemporary jewelry designer that has conquered her way into museums’ collections, not to mention the jewelry boxes of a few of the most fashionable women in the world. It is available in many different enamel colors, as well as a few pavé options.

Solange‘s jewelry is meant to be seen. It brings together art and femininity in a unique way. It is “in your face” and it has sense of humor and should be offered to women who share those characteristics.

2. Fantasie Sunset Starfish, by Wendy Yue (available at Annoushka)

This is a glamorous party piece of jewelry. A warm, sunny ring.

The pavé work in this Wendy Yue ring is delicate, the brown diamonds’ backdrop softens the form but does not take away its richness. The Fantasie Sunset Starfish ring is not the most intricate work of this Hong Kong native known for her dreamy designs but, for me, one of the most attractive.

3. Ottoman signet ring, by Annoushka

The scale of Annoushka‘s Ottoman Signet ring makes it a great choice for everyday wear. It has dimension, personality and the taste of exotic memories.

Part of an equally interesting collection of earrings and pendants, this ring will feel as much at ease combined with a pair of jeans over the weekend as with a skirt suit for work. A very versatile choice, sure to be enjoyed by the more conservative to the more adventurous wearer, as is the case with most of Annoushka‘s jewelry designs.

4. Love Knot ring with blue sapphires, by Finn (available at Ylang23)

The Love Knot ring is a delicate design, appropriate for someone who prefers a more classic look. Finn has issued a fashionable revival of the knots that were popular when I was a kid. It comes in different combinations of metal and stones but I think the blue sapphires contribute to enhance the shape beautifully and add an heirloom feel that is quite appealing.

5. Grupo Corpo collection, by H. Stern

Every good jewelry brand has its trademark skills. The way H. Stern works gold has become as emblematic in the brand’s jewelry designs as the use of Brazilian colored stones.

This is one of my favorite rings from the Grupo Corpo Collection, a number of designs inspired by the Brazilian dance troupe with the same name. Large as it is, the soft colors of the gold alloys and the brushed finish make this ring appear to be floating in your hand, just like the skirt of a ballerina.

Sculptural but not aggressive. Lovely but not prim. Great design!

6. Siren stacking rings, by Monica Vinader

The concept of stacking is everywhere nowadays and no ring collection would be complete without an example of that.

Monica Vinader is, slowly but surely, taking over the space of easy and fun to wear jewelry that actually feels like jewelry. With the Siren stacking collection, Monica brings us smaller and irregular shaped stones that are extremely practical for everyday use. The wide band with white topaz looks perfect on its own and even better with a few companions, either in a colorful take on the look (as shown above) or a more monochrome option.

Perfect for everyone, just decide whether to go for the yellow gold or the silver look.

Where to shop

Just in case you haven’t noticed: you can shop right from this post.

I am a firm believer in online shopping for the variety of choice and the convenience of the process. I like to buy what I want, not what is available as it happens in most stores, specially when you don’t live in one of the great retail centers.

So, all rings but one are available for purchase from anywhere in the world, at the links provided. The H.Stern website, unfortunately, keeps the e-shopping option reserved to Brazilian customers.

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On jewelry, hotels, pain poilâne and other stuff

Hello again!

Miss me? I took a little trip to my favorite city of all: London.

Silvia Taveira, London, Harrods, Hatchards, Jewellery

Here’s a brief account, for your amusement.


The first challenge when traveling to London – or any other European capital, for that matter – is to find proper sleeping quarters without ruining your wallet nor your experience. This time I did a bit of web digging and I decided on a new experience, that proved to be quite nice: Sidney House Chelsea.

Quite small a hotel. And elevator. But my room met my expectations in size and was so much nicer than average in decor. I prefer a contemporary ambiance, you must know. If you prefer classic, go elsewhere.

Free WiFi, working perfectly. No outside noise. The new Vanity Fair featuring James Bond for a nice bed time reading. Didn’t ask for more.


Pain Poilâne

Actually, this might have been a choice factor when I made the reservation: so much has been said and written about Pain Poilâne and I had never tried it.

pain poilane, London, Silvia TaveiraWell, it was promised for breakfast and it did show up. Quite delicious toasted, with strawberry marmalade. Unfortunately, the basket was a bit small, I could have had a bit more…

For you to understand the full extent of this comment, I am one of those people who can stay at a table full of sweets and not eat the slightest bit. However, give me a little bit of bread and butter (sweet, not salty) and I cannot help myself. It is my Achilles’ heel in what concerns food…


And, what about jewelry?

My favorite subject was not forgotten at all. Actually it was the main reason for my trip. Moreover, I always make a point of going to Harrods – the perfect thermometer for this sector – and check out what and who is new.

Not in mood for Place Vendôme dreams, I stayed in the room that hosts contemporary jewelry designers, most of them based in London. It is quite interesting to observe how a brand grows over time – where it starts on the shop floor, how it grows, how much it motivates the sales assistants…

Ah, you thought I went there to shop?? Not quite.

Well, ok, a bit… 😉 but mainly I went to experience, to analyse and to benchmark.

Experience: good.

Two very nice sales assistants that did all the right things: showed me what I wanted to see, added on that by showing me other new products, related to what I was wearing and took my email to let me know when they would get a particular item that was not yet in store.

Analysis: surprising…

I would think that by late October you should be fully stocked for the Christmas Season. Two brands were at 100%: Monica Vinader and Annoushka. No wonder they are growing so much.

Benchmark: more like a contest.

Best display: Monica Vinader, no doubts! She is betting heavily on the idea of stacking and their merchandising is very smart. It’s totally on brand and it just sells.

Monica Vinader, Silvia Taveira, jewelry, jewellery, bracelet, ring

Best sales person: Monica Vinader and Astley Clarke, tied. Both were very familiar with the brands, really built on my comments or requests and provided me with enough arguments for a long wish list for Christmas.

Astley Clarke, Silvia Taveira, bracelet, charms, ring

Most impressive jewels: Wendy Yue at Annoushka. See for yourself.

Wendy Yue, Annoushka, Silvia Taveira, jewellery, jewelry

In the end, I still had time to go to Hatchards, the most charming bookstore in the world to fuel up on reading material, which enabled me to stand the 2 hour delay of my flight.


PS – I would have taken real pictures if there were not these big written signs “No photos”. And I just comply, silly me.

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Carolina Bucci: have to have!

Some days are like this. You wake up, turn on the computer, start browsing and, suddenly, you are hooked – obsession!

Today, somehow, I just have to have these Carolina Bucci Twister bracelets. To complicate matters, it really has to be the full set, naughty stylists @ net-a-porter

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, bracelets, personal style

Trying to reason with myself… not working… will I get some mileage out of them or will it just be a one-day-only relationship?

Let’s try out.

For work:

Oh, yes, lovely! Just pair them with my classic steel and rose gold watch to give it some attitude, a signature ring and simple white pearl studs. Pearl earrings are the key to looking instantly brighter and younger on a rainy morning.

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, work style

For weekends:

My weekend attire always involves jeans and, most of the times, flats.

These bracelets will dress down beautifully with a funky watch – my casual take on what I call “Virgoish” punctuality (read obsessive…) – and silver hoops.

Silvia Taveira, Toy watch, Shaun Leane

Not feeling like big earrings? Out with the hoops, in with a great pendant!

Toy Watch, Tiffany, Elsa Peretti, Tiffany

Evening out

Ok, what about the evening? Sure they don’t stretch that far, do they?

Well, I guess they do. I will split up the siblings and take only one bracelet, the black one, with a darkened white gold cocktail ring and long sparkly earrings. After all, a lady should never wear a watch at night…

Silvia Taveira, Jewelry, Bochic, Annouska


These bracelets are a must!

Where is my card? 😉

Credits are due:
Look 1:
Watch: Rolex Datejust.
Ring: Ileana Makri Snake Nest.
Look 2 (a & b):
Watch: Toy Watch Vintage Chrono.
Earrings: Shaun Leane textured sterling silver hoops, at Astley Clarke.
Pendant: Elsa Peretti for Tiffany, large open bottle pendant.
Look 3:
Ring and earrings: Bochic, at Annoushka.
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Jewelry pet peeves

Setting: kitchen, a bit of a mess, the family just had breakfast.

Me: sitting in a chair, legs up in the other chair, reading a magazine.

Idea: pet peeves!

Today I feel like ranting about what I don’t like so much in jewelry and the way people wear it.

You already know how much of a nut I am about jewelry. I am. I just love the way it can be the cherry on the cake of personal style. Which it can, believe me. The perfect combination can elevate the simplest Mango polo neck to the heights of Chanel attire.

On the other hand, the clumsy wear of poorly chosen pieces can do the exact opposite – basically make you look like you’re clueless and, worse, style less.

So, here they go, my very own jewelry related personal “hates”:

  1. Multiple Love bracelets (yes, the Cartier ones)
  2. Obviously pierced ears without earrings
  3. Diamonds at the beach
  4. Yellow gold watch with white gold jewelry
  5. Same brand head to toe
  6. Hey designers, this one is for you: prongs that ruin your knits just by mere approximation.

Not one to shy from a good discussion, I elaborate:

Multiple Love bracelets:

Silvia Taveira, Jewlery, cartier love braceletThis is one of the jewelry world myths: being offered the true expression of long-lasting, non removable, love. I like the bracelet, I totally buy the story and I loved being offered one (without asking, I must stress!). But this is NOT a piece of jewelry that lives well in multiples. For one, it is EXTREMELLY difficult to make them look good on the wrist. The oval is enemy to the rounder parts of the arm so either you strangle the poor arm of you buy different sizes, getting to a very clumsy look. Second, the whole story about enduring love falls apart, becoming a tale of pretentiousness that has no charm whatsoever.

So, girls looking to put together the ultimate arm party, look elsewhere for your next purchase.

Pierced ears, no earrings

Just like an empty square in town, it just looks sad and lonely. It looks like you forgot.

Silvia Taveira, jewelry, diamond studsIf you have obviously pierced ears and you don’t care about earrings, just look for something really discreet, like the smallest diamond (a la Carrie Bradshaw) or the smallest and thinnest hoop (channeling the young model in you) and forget they are there. The earrings, even the smallest ones, will add light to your face – always a good thing – and the permanence element will actually add personality to your look.

Diamonds at the beach

I believe in dressing to the occasion. I don’t take high heels to the mountain, I don’t wear jeans to a wedding – unless that is the actual dress code, but it never was – and I don’t take diamonds to the beach. Period.

Yellow gold in moderation looks very good, friendship bracelets can be loaded (if you don’t care about the tanning stripes), a touch of color is also nice. Diamonds look, again, like you need to prove something. And you don’t.

Yellow gold watch with white gold jewelry

This is totally personal. I just think it kills the white gold sophistication.

I prefer white on white, a classic; black and white, rock & roll; rose and white, modern romantic. Yellow and white, it just doesn’t work for me.

Head to toe branding

Just like with clothes, when someone is wearing the same designer or brand head to toe, it looks like one of two choices: either there is no imagination to pull together a great look or there is sponsoring going on. I don’t care for any of it.

What I really like is the combination of key pieces with some mysterious add-ons that result in a very personal look that screams style, personality and a bit of personal history. Not a window display.

Prongs and other destroyers

This one is quite straight forward.

For many years I stayed away from jewelry with stones because of the prongs, specifically. Today, jewelry design evolved. There are amazing stones set without visible prongs and there are prongs so well designed and polished that they just leave your clothing alone. But there are still a few distractions, however.

Silvia Taveira, jewelry, sweet alhambra, van cleef & arpelsFor example: I hate that my cute Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra butterfly bracelet gets stuck in every single material that gets close to it, making it totally impossible (read: very expensive) to wear except for high summer. And even so…

Ok, I have opened my heart enough.

Now it’s time for you to tell me, what are YOUR jewelry pet peeves?

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Mysty by Silvia Taveira

Silvia Taveira, Mysty, jewelry, Africa, brand, logo

My interest in jewelry goes well beyond the observation of other people’s work. At some point, it came to me as obvious that I had to design my own jewelry. I guess too many ideas were accumulating…

Today, the making of a jewelry piece is one of the most rewarding activities my day-to-day life can harbour: letting the inspiration invade the brain, drawing the different alternatives, choosing the precious metal and stones and, finally, meeting the final product … exhilarating!

As I am not a bench jeweller, I work with great professionals that play a key role in bringing my vision to life. I cherish the brainstorming sessions that precede the production of a particular piece.

Today I decided to share one of my latest creations. This line was inspired by a continent that I visited briefly but that played such a key role in my country’s history that I feel I know very well: Africa.

Africa is a mystifying place, with its diversity of nations, landscapes, cultures and people. There, we feel connected to the land, to nature. Every sense is magnified. And, well … so is bug size 🙂

Yours truly, the ultimate city rat, spent a bit of time in Mozambique and felt compeled to honor that country and people by creating around the symbols, materials and colors that invade the visitor from minute one.

Silvia Taveira, Mysty, Jewelry, Maputo, Mozambique

The result is simply called Africa. A collection of unique pieces that gather my view of tissue patterns, color and tribal symbols, combining local materials with precious metal and stones. It is a humble but heartfelt tribute.

Please, read “Mysty“. I hope you like it!

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Franca Sozzani: 3 reasons why I love her style!

Franca Sozzani, Vogue ITalia, Style & earring collection

Franca Sozzani is my favorite Vogue Editor-in-Chief in what concerns personal style. Of course, jewelry plays a key role in this (politically incorrect, I know…) conclusion.

For one, I truly appreciate a spontaneous smile and Ms. Sozzani is definitely not stingy in that department.

Second, she dresses like a stylish woman would, not like a cartoon character – dressing up or down according to the occasion, she embodies the Italian charm and manages to always be the best dressed without making an effort.

Third, she rocks the most stunning vintage earring collection!

Take a look:

Franca Sozzani, Vogue Italia, style & earring collection

Don’t you agree with me?


PS – Garance Doré has a short video with Franca Sozzani, where earrings also star, right here.

Photos: all from
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